My name is Donna K. Fitch, independent author of paranormal fantasy novels. In my day job I'm a digital communications specialist at a private Southern university, and in my off hours I create WordPress websites for indie authors through my company, Maximum Author Impact.

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Three Women Bound by Murder, part 3: Anna Grabau

  I wrote in my last post about the murder of Louise “Lulu” Bailey, a case made more sensational in the newspapers of the day by the fact she was killed in her doctor’s office. Today, before I get to the accused murderer, I’m writing about an incidental character who I think still deserves our […]


Three Women Bound by Murder, part 2: Lulu Bailey

  The crash of a breaking window interrupted the parting conversation between the physician, Edwin Carman, and his patient, Mrs. Louise Bailey. Dr. Carman whirled and saw a gun, held in a hand thrust through the broken window. Read more >>

Home of Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Carman

Three Women Bound by Murder, part 1

On the evening of June 30, 1914, Mrs. Louise “Lulu” Bailey was shot dead while speaking with her physician, Dr. Edwin Carman, in his home office on West Merrick Road in Freeport, Long Island, New York. Read more >>